The Company


How we became The first choice plumbing company

Plumb Active stands out as the premier choice in plumbing services through a dedication to excellence, unmatched customer satisfaction, and a commitment to innovation. Our journey to the top is marked by a pursuit of quality, a customer first approach, and a team that takes pride in delivering plumbing services that go beyond expectations.

“Your Plumbing Professionals, Where Skill Meets Reliability One Job at a Time.”

- This is what keeps us going

"These guys are lifesavers. When our home was flooded they came right away, their commitment to excellence and genuine care goes beyond. I'm so grateful the problem was fixed. They truly went above and beyond. Thank you for a great service! Highly recommended.

Our mission

To deliver exceptional plumbing solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our vision

Our vision at Plumb Active is to be the leading name in the plumbing industry, with excellence, innovation, and unwavering customer trust.

Our value

our customers are our backbone. We prioritise their needs, ensuring satisfaction and building lasting relationships and reliability.

THE process

We have 3 easy steps to solving your plumbing concerns in no time!


Call for a quick & easy quote or fill out our 30 Sec form and we will contact you right back to arrange a quote.


We will discuss your plumbing concerns and give you a fixed upfront quote to fix the issue.


Our qualified plumbers will attend your property and solve your plumbing problems fast and efficiently.