Trademark Ownership

Plumb Active®

Plumb Active, herein referred to as “Plumb Active,” asserts its ownership and exclusive rights to various trademarks, service marks, and logos associated with its brand. These trademarks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Plumb Active Logo: The distinctive logo featuring the word “Plumb Active”

  2. Plumb Active Name: The word mark “Plumb Active” in stylised or standard text format.

  3. Product Names: Various product names and slogans associated with Plumb Active’s offerings.

Registered Trademarks

Plumb Active’s trademarks are registered with the appropriate intellectual property offices in Australia and other relevant jurisdictions. These registrations serve as legal protection for Plumb Active’s brand identity and ensure exclusive rights to use these marks in connection with the specified goods and services.

Unauthorised Use

Any unauthorised use, reproduction, or imitation of Plumb Active’s trademarks without prior written consent constitutes an infringement of Plumb Active’s intellectual property rights and may result in legal action. This includes, but is not limited to, the following prohibited activities:

  1. Using identical or similar trademarks in a manner that may cause confusion among consumers.

  2. Modifying or altering Plumb Active’s trademarks in any way that could diminish their distinctiveness or dilute their value.

  3. Using Plumb Active’s trademarks in connection with products or services that are not authorised or endorsed by Plumb Active.

Trademark Enforcement

Plumb Active is committed to protecting its trademarks and vigorously enforces its intellectual property rights. This includes monitoring the marketplace for potential infringements, taking legal action against infringing parties, and pursuing remedies available under trademark law.

Trademark Licensing

Any use of Plumb Active’s trademarks must be authorised through a formal licensing agreement. Plumb Active may consider licensing its trademarks for specific purposes or collaborations on a case-by-case basis, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the licensing agreement.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the use of Plumb Active’s trademarks, licensing opportunities, or to report suspected trademark infringement, please contact:

Plumb Active Office 118, 585 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 1300 592 311
Email: trademarks(at)